Nursery to Grade 12

What makes CIS different?

Welcome to CIS

Our Lakeside Campus adopts a schools-within-a-school design, which creates unique and distinct communities in a school that houses students from Nursery through to Grade 12. We combine state-of-the-art classrooms, learning pods, and other learning spaces to support our inquiry-based approach and encourage a strong sense of community. This intentional approach in school design ensures we can meet the educational and developmental needs of all our students.


A thriving environment

CIS is not just a school, it’s an incubator of great ideas, innovation and collaboration. Read about the different areas on campus and then scroll down to explore them virtually in the Take a look around section.


Students from over 80 nations

Working together with people from other backgrounds and cultures is an integral part of life at CIS. With approximately 3,100 students from over 80 nations, we celebrate both our diversity and our connectedness. We cultivate a warm and collaborative environment because we believe it builds community and brings people together to make exciting things happen. In this environment, we get the best out of everyone.

Unleash your true potential.

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